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Week starting Oct 05, 2014

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Garson - Sudbury,ON,Canada

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Apr 20, 2013



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Running Accomplishments:

I ran my first marathon in 1998: "The Friendly Marathon" in Massey, Ontario.  I was 32. I had never raced in a shorter event, and I trained really poorly - ended up running it in 4:00:30.  After that, I gave up running for the most part for 6 years.  I got into karate a bit more seriously, until I got my knee kicked out and had ACL surgery.  Then I became a 'fair weather runner' and started to run half marathons every so often.  As a priest, entering weekend races always meant having to book a holiday, so it just didn't happen much.  My holidays were primarily focussed on various canoe and kayak trips.

At some point, I started training more consistently, and started to think of myself as a runner.  I guess doing that in your 40's is better than never doing it at all.  I even started to wonder if I had it in me to qualify for Boston.  Well, I did - twice.  First time didn't count, I suppose, since I didn't make the "cut".  But the second time was a charm, and on my sixth Marathon, run in Chicago in 2015, I beat my BQ by almost 6 minutes.

Through it all, I've made tons of mistakes - and have had lots of injuries to show for it.  Hopefully, now that I'm in my 50's, I'm a bit wiser and can use that to my advantage to continue running for a very long time.

My PRs:

5k (11 run):      Guelph, ON.     October 10, 2016   (50 yrs.)   20:10

10k (9 run):    Collingwood      October 5, 2013  (47 yrs.)  43:37

Half Marathon  (22 run): Cleveland   May 18, 2014  (48 yrs)  1:33:08

Marathon (8 run):  Chicago       October 11, 2015   (49 yrs.)  3:24:07

Ultras (3 run):   

Run for the Toad 50k Trail   September 30, 2017 (51 yrs.)  5:31:23

Niagara Falls 100k   June 17, 2018 (52 yrs.)  12:26:30

That Dam Hill 24 hours   September 15-16, 2018  Completed 100 Miles in 23:20:44

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Pacing my sister in her 1st Half Marathon.

Short-Term Running Goals:

The Disney Dopey Challenge in January, 2019.

Sulphur Springs Trail Ultra (50 miles) in May, 2019.

The Haliburton Trail (100 Miles) in September 2019.

The Toronto Marathon in May 2020 (qualify for Boston).

The Sinister 7 Trail (100 Miles) in July 2020 (big maybe).

125th Boston Marathon on April 19, 2021.

Long-Term Running Goals:

Run until this old body of mine won't let me run any more.  I was inspired in the Spring of 2016, watching the start of the Ottawa Marathon.  Near the back of the pack was an 'old man', running with his walker.  I loved it!  I thought ... there's me in 20 years.  Maybe.  


I am a Roman Catholic priest of 25 years, ministering in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.  I spent 8 years ministering in the small town of Wawa (where I helped establish the annual Blackfly Run) and 9 years in Sault Ste. Marie.  I have been in the Sudbury region now for 8 years.  Currently I Pastor 2 small Parishes:  St. John the Evangelist in Garson, and St. Bernardine of Siena in Skead, covering the area just Northeast of the city, surrounding the Sudbury Airport.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 18.00 Month: 178.00 Year: 594.17
Mizuno Wave Sayonara 2 Lifetime Miles: 250.00
Brooks Cascadia 11 Lifetime Miles: 167.50
Saucony ISO Triumph 3 Lifetime Miles: 357.08
Brooks Glycerin 13 Lifetime Miles: 340.23
Brooks Glycerin 13 Treadmill Lifetime Miles: 471.37
Triumph ISO 3 Treadmill Lifetime Miles: 279.00
Total Distance
Brooks Glycerin Miles: 25.00Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 Miles: 11.00Mizuno Wave Sayonara Miles: 13.00Brooks Ghost 5 Miles: 17.00
Weight: 159.83
Total Distance

9 miles at the slower end of my easy range (9:16/mile).  No lingering effects from yesterday's half marathon in Collingwood.

Brooks Glycerin Miles: 9.00
Weight: 159.00
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Strength workout today.  Three 2 mile repeats at a time of between 15:00 and 15:20 with 800m recovery between.

Actual repeats were:  14:37  14:42  and  14:51, so faster than I wanted to go - still my challenge --- to run on pace.

Legs felt a little heavy, so I'm looking forward to my rest day tomorrow in preparation for my 10 mile Tempo Run on Wednesday.

Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 Miles: 11.00
Weight: 159.50
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Total Distance

What a disaster of a run!

Was meant to be a 10 mile tempo run (at race pace).

Unfortunately, it all fell apart after mile 6.  Literally - it felt like someone threw a switch and my legs got instantly "old".  I'm not sure what happened.  I was eating a chew every 5 minutes and took a gel at mile 6.  Right then, it all fell apart for some reason.

My goal pace is 4:50/km.  My 1st 10 km splits were:

4:49  4:49  4:54  5:03  4:59  5:05  4:52  4:51  4:49  4:49  

The ones closer to 5 minutes I was not too worried about, as they were on a pot holed road I rarely run on, and it was quite dark, and so I slowed a bit to be safe.

Then my last 6 km splits:   5:36  5:17  6:02  5:52  6:03  6:28

I had absolutely NO energy.  Tried to push - my legs just would not respond.  I am not impressed.

The sore body parts are no worse than before (maybe the piriformis is a bit worse), so I really don't know what is going on today.  

Just a miserable run.  

Mizuno Wave Sayonara Miles: 13.00
Weight: 160.00
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Total Distance

Scheduled for 7 miles - ran an extra 1.5 - all at an easy 9:05/mile pace.

No lingering effects from yesterday's odd run.  Right iliopsoas (I think that's what it is) was sore the entire run.  Left iliopsoas is no longer an issue at all, and I'm hoping the right side goes away soon too.

Brooks Ghost 5 Miles: 8.50
Weight: 162.00
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Total Distance

8 miles at 9:13 pace.

I can see that it's my right groin (iliopsoas?) that is my biggest challenge at this point.  It hurt throughout the entire run.

Tomorrow's long run will tell the tale.

Brooks Ghost 5 Miles: 8.50
Weight: 160.50
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Total Distance

My final long run - and I nailed it!

Perfect conditions - maybe a little cold.  Temperature was 2C/35F, with very little wind.  It started off mostly clear, but clouded over and rained steady for a while, and then cleared again.

Instead of tackling that one insanely steep hill at the 9 mile mark, I decided to turn around at the bottom and take a different route home.

My running time was 2:10:51 for an average pace of 8:10/mile.  It was 8:16/mile for most of it, but I picked up the pace for the last few miles.

My splits:  8:28  8:12  8:03  8:16  8:19  8:23  8:18  8:14  8:19  8:19  8:09  8:25  8:00  7:50  7:47  and  7:43.

Physically, my right side issues faded as the run progressed.  I don't know if that's because they actually warmed up, or if they were just numb at that point.  I have ice on them now.

As far as nutrition goes, I followed my race plan:  one chew every km and one gel every 6 miles.  Water only for hydration.  It seems to be working well.  It gives me about 70 grams of carbs/hour.  My stomach seems to be handling it, with only some minor complaints along the way, so that is my race day plan.  I have my GPS watch set up to beep every km (eat a chew), but I'm marking my pace in miles, as I find that easier for some reason.

So, just 2 more strength runs and 2 more tempo runs to go.  The rest are easy paced runs.  This was also my longest mileage week at 66 miles - so now the taper will begin.

Brooks Glycerin Miles: 16.00
Weight: 158.00
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Total Distance
Brooks Glycerin Miles: 25.00Mizuno Wave Elixir 8 Miles: 11.00Mizuno Wave Sayonara Miles: 13.00Brooks Ghost 5 Miles: 17.00
Weight: 159.83
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