How Far in One Day? Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com Tue, 21 Aug 2018 21:01:53 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Tue, Aug 21, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:49 pace.</p> Tue, 21 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Aug 20, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:30 pace.&nbsp; Feeling it at the end.</p> Mon, 20 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Aug 18, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:24 pace.</p> <p>I&#39;m 4 weeks out from my race.&nbsp; I think I&#39;ll aim for one more 70 mile week next week, and then begin my taper.</p> Sat, 18 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Aug 17, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:18 pace.</p> <p>Today I crossed paths with another runner for the first time on this route.&nbsp; I&#39;ve never seen her before.&nbsp; She was running with the traffic, so we had to pass on the narrow shoulder.&nbsp; We did that at mile 4, and then I guess we both turned around after about another mile, as I passed her again at the same point going the other way.</p> Fri, 17 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Aug 15, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:05 pace.</p> <p>This was a weird run - I had a pep in my step like I&#39;ve not had in a long while, for some reason.</p> <p>I hit the 5 mile mark at a slighter faster than normal 8:34 pace, but was reining it in, as my legs wanted to go faster.&nbsp; Then my next 2 miles were just below 8:00 pace, the next 2 at just around 7:30 pace, and my last mile was 7:11.&nbsp; I don&#39;t know what got into me.</p> Wed, 15 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Aug 14, 2018 <p>Goodwill Road Route; 8:53 pace.</p> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Aug 13, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:41 pace.&nbsp; Took a mile or two to shake out the heavy legs, but it got better as I went.</p> Mon, 13 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Aug 11, 2018 <p>I finished the Sudbury &quot;Camino&quot; Hike (run) just as it began to rain hard.&nbsp; Just under 3 hours at a 9:52 pace.&nbsp; I had forgotten how much harder trail running can be, and especially when the trails are WAY up and WAY down steep rock.&nbsp; Ah well - a nice change for the final run of my long week.</p> <p>I only got my passport stamped at the first way point, as the volunteers had not yet arrived at the others.&nbsp; So, I just took selfies to prove I was there and kept on going.</p> <p>EDIT:&nbsp; I just drove down to the finish line (not too far from here) to show my passport and selfies.&nbsp; So, they gave me my medal:&nbsp; &quot;Sudbury Camino.&nbsp; 28 K in One Day&quot;.&nbsp; A nice tumbler and a few other gifts as well.&nbsp; Not too often you get a medal for a simple training run.&nbsp; :)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sat, 11 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Aug 10, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:39 pace.</p> <p>Tomorrow, I&#39;m running the &quot;Sudbury Camino&quot;.&nbsp; It&#39;s the second year for it - last year I didn&#39;t do it, because my training run&nbsp;was a lot longer than the distance they put together.</p> <p>It&#39;s modelled on the Camino Trail in Europe.&nbsp; Participants will be able to park at Moonlight Beach - not far from here - and will be bused to a point about 17 miles out at Fielding Park.&nbsp; From there, we hike back to our cars at the Beach, collecting stamps at waypoints along the way in a passport book.</p> <p>It&#39;s along the TransCanada Trail - Sudbury portion.&nbsp; A little more than 17 miles is this year&#39;s distance.&nbsp; So, I&#39;m going to run it tomorrow to bring me up to about 70 miles on the week.</p> <p>Just a fun way to get in a longer run.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fri, 10 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Aug 08, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:50 pace.&nbsp; Heavy fog.&nbsp; An easy running temp of 16C/61F, but 98% humidity, so I was soaked through by the end.</p> <p>Heading to Toronto in a few minutes; taking my dad to a ballgame for his birthday.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Aug 07, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:51 pace.&nbsp; I had a deep tissue massage this morning, so ran over the lunch hour.&nbsp; Achilles tendons on both legs are a little tight, so I&#39;ll monitor those.&nbsp; The right hamstring too - just enough to be noticeable.&nbsp; I&#39;m at peak mileage these weeks, so I&#39;m not too surprised.</p> Tue, 07 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Aug 06, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:49 pace.</p> <p>Just 21C/70F, but 97% humidity, so it was like running in a wet blanket.</p> Mon, 06 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Aug 04, 2018 <p>Radar Road&nbsp;Route; 8:54 pace.&nbsp; Managed to finish early enough to beat the heat.&nbsp; Was sitting around 23C/73F in the morning during the run.</p> <p>Race day is 6 weeks away.&nbsp; I was thinking, when I woke up groggy this morning after 6 1/2 hours of sleep, that on race day, there would be no sleep at all and I would still have a few hours of running to do from that point until 8am.&nbsp; I think that will be the significant challenge for me.&nbsp; The only real advise I&#39;ve received is:&nbsp; make coffee your friend!&nbsp; :)</p> Sat, 04 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Aug 03, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:44 pace.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Fri, 03 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Aug 01, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:38 pace.</p> <p>Afternoon run again, but not as hot as yesterday ... 22C/72F.&nbsp; The extra challenge today was smoke from the forest fires near the French River, about 100 miles south of here.&nbsp; There was a heavy haze and a strong smell of smoke.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Wed, 01 Aug 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Jul 31, 2018 <p>Skead Road Route; 8:45 pace.&nbsp;</p> <p>I had my bike in for a service all morning, and so ended up running in the heat of the afternoon. It was 28C/82F - on the warm side for this Northern boy.</p> <p>I planned on running 8, but almost turned around at mile 3.&nbsp; Turns out I was glad I pushed through, as I finished it okay.</p> Tue, 31 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Jul 30, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:38 pace.&nbsp; The first mile was a bit heavy, and I thought the run would be a struggle, but I got my legs at mile two and felt strong the rest of the way.</p> Mon, 30 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Jul 28, 2018 <p>Radar Road - Cote - Dupuis Loop.&nbsp; 8:59 pace.&nbsp; Very nice running weather:&nbsp; overcast and just 16C/60F.&nbsp; And no deer flies!</p> <p>My legs held up pretty well, considering the 70 mile week.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Sat, 28 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Fri, Jul 27, 2018 My last run on the Deer Fly Route. Heading home later today. 8:46 pace. Fri, 27 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Wed, Jul 25, 2018 Deer Fly Route. 9:00 pace. I discovered that wrapping a second t-shirt around my head keeps the pesky insects away. A bit cooler today, and clear skies. An impressive fog coming off the Little White River. Wed, 25 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Jul 24, 2018 The legs felt a lot better today. Deerfly Route; 8:49 pace. High humidity and then steady rain. Pulling my shirt up over my head helped to keep the deer flies away. Tue, 24 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Mon, Jul 23, 2018 9:09 pace on highway 546. We will call it the deer fly route this week, because the little insects pestered me the whole run. Dead legs for some reason, so really had to fight for every mile. Mon, 23 Jul 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Jul 21, 2018 <p>Radar Road Route; 8:58 pace.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>All in all, a good week.&nbsp; Doubled up the mileage on Monday because I was away all day Tuesday, and managed a decent enough long run today.&nbsp; The&nbsp;week as a whole was also decent enough, considering my various aches and pains.</p> <p>Tomorrow afternoon, I head North of Elliot Lake (a few hours from here) to a cottage rental with my parents and two of my siblings and their kids.&nbsp; It&#39;s my mother&#39;s gift to all of us.&nbsp; I&#39;ll be there until Friday; hope to be able to catch a wireless signal somewhere on one of the hill tops so I can blog while away.&nbsp; All my runs will be on highway 546, alongside the Little White River.</p> Sat, 21 Jul 2018 06:00:00